nn4n: Non-natives for Native Americans.
An organic neighbor-to-neighbor partnership.
It’s about time.

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A small note:

Upon establishing this site, it is my sincere hope that one day, nn4n.org will be deleted after archiving any usable academic data of our journey, successes and failures. 

I wish this to happen as soon as possible as a result of our Native neighbours having better standards of living, have a more esteemed position in society and their culture prospering. That we have formed organic neighborly friendships with them that can be taken offline. That way, there would no longer be a need for outside attention to their current plight and grave injustices. 

I do not enjoy gaining clicks and views from the discussions of their situation, therefore I hope that anybody who contributes to this site understands that one day, their name and their work will be deleted with the website. I hope they will still be willing to do it.

So let’s make that happen ASAP!

You can start by watching and pondering: Am I a good neighbor to my Native American neighbours? 

Big Sleeves.

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